Austin in his favorite spot looking out the window! 

Lakewood Kennel is in  the heart of Otter Tail County, in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.  Rod is a  professional engineer and Vicki owns her own Juice Plus+ franchise and  works in the health and wellness industry.  We have three grown  wonderful children!  Rod loves to hunt (birds) and fish.  Several years  ago, he embarked on a search for a wonderful little bird dog.  After  much research, the Small Munsterlander was his choice...  and the rest  is history.

Our Small Munsterlanders are a BIG part of our family  now!  They are a wonderful companion in the field and in the home.   Inside, they are sweet, gentle, and loving.  When outside, it's as if a  switch is thrown....and they are searching for game!!!

Along with training dogs, Rod also coaches High School Soccer.  This keeps him very busy in the fall up to the hunting season. 

During the fall hunting season, Rod takes his girls waterfowl and/or upland game hunting just about every day!!! 


 Rod, loving on a puppy from litter "B" 





Rod and Keven Crabtree were Hunting Geese this fall... Daisy and Belle came across a Coyote, which Keven and Rod shot. 



Photo is from Steve Endberg